Beekeeping Gadgets

I am currently running an ad campaign on Youtube. I also had some magazine ads in Bee Culture. If you could add a note of how you found me in the instructions section of your order, that would be most helpful.

If you purchase a tray and other items, odds are they will ship together, whenever I can combine shipping I will, and if there is a surplus will issue a refund.  A note for folks in the UK. I've run into an issue twice now. The package gets caught in a customs hold because of an import tariff. The problem though is that the recipient doesn't get a notice.  The first time it happened, we tracked down the package, the second time, I didn't know there was a problem and we did not look for the package. They ended up sending it back. So if you live in the UK and you order seems to be taking a while, please check with the post office and customs.

I am having issues with Paypal shipping in which I must specify every country I want to ship to. Currently these are in the list, if your country is not listed, please let me know first so I can add it and then place an order.  

Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, France, Greece, Croatia, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles

A foldable tray which mounts on a steering wheel for grafting queens in the field.

Video of some modifications can be seen HERE

I Sent one to Ian Steppler (A Canadian Beekeeper's blog Youtube).  He opened it before reading the e-mail I sent.  Two good videos to watch.
First video   Second video

I did videos on the disk and fingers but Jason's is better. Check it out here.  Also Steve from Steve's Outdoor World just did an excellent video, Steve's video  

Thanks to all of you who took the time.

Shipping is by weight, in the US for up to four of the small items, (disks and fingers) it's $3.95. To Canada is $10.00 and Australia/Europe is $15.00. For larger quantities send me a note.I'm not sure how the international shipping with Paypal will work. I have set up Canada, part of Europe and Australia. Just have to see what happens. Special note, if you came here on a phone, the Paypal links may not show up. Scroll down and choose  View Web Version  DCP

Queen breeding calendar disk.  The inner disk represents the age from egg being laid. The outer disk is the calendar date. Grafts are taken on day 4, and splits are considered day 6 (The bees will choose a larvae between day 4 and 6, count as 6 to be safe) Line up the word Graft with the calendar date and the dates for when cells should be capped, placed in incubator, in nuc and when queen could be laying are shown on the outer disk.  Based on a 31 day month. For shorter months, advance the outer disk 1 day. Cost is $15 each, plus shipping. I can ship up to 4 at the same rate.

Beehive Frame Fingers. designed to hold a single frame on the outside of the hive box while working the beehive.  Fits standard 3/4 walled hive bodies. $10/ea plus shipping.  Again up to 4 at the same shipping rate.

An issue has come up and I want to make some things clear regarding warranty and exchanges. I will guarantee the fingers for lifetime, simply return the broken finger(s) and pay for return shipping. (Please contact me first). As to satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, within 30 days, I will refund the purchase price but I will not refund shipping charges. This applies to all items. (Don't think many other places do).